Three Modified American Legends Go Head To Head

Nov 15, 2021 2 min read
Three Modified American Legends Go Head To Head

These incredible supercharged American beasts are competing for the title of fastest modified domestic muscle car.

Three cars have reigned supreme over all other muscle cars in the domestic market for almost two decades. These vehicles are the Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang. Rivalries are what have fueled every aspect of America since the beginning, whether it's the automotive industry or the intense revolution that brought us the freedoms we all enjoy today. This is the nature of our nation, and our cars reflect that perfectly; competition begets competence. The Camaro and Mustang have a particularly fierce war over performance and the hearts of American car enthusiasts across the nation. Nowadays, Dodge is seeking to take the throne of America's performance brand; let's decide who wins this fight.

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As the three cars line up, it isn't easy not to notice some key features of these great cars. The main detail is that they are highly modified on both the exterior design and under the hood. All three of these American beasts have been fitted with a supercharger, allowing both the Camaro and Challenger to produce 650 horsepower. The Ford Mustang "King-Cobra" is pushing out an incredible 735 horsepower. The Camaro is a bit lighter than the Mustang, but it's anyone's guess if this difference in weight will be enough to account for the massive power difference.

The first two races did not look so good for the Dodge Challenger, as the driver didn't seem to know how to launch the car. With the host behind the wheel of the Mustang, the tires wouldn't stop spinning. Despite the lack of traction, the 'Stang still won. Race number two was slightly different as the Camaro won by a long shot, the Challenger still lagged severely. Finally, the third race was complete, and the results were the same as the second. The roll races seemed a bit more geared in the Challenger's favor but, despite an initial pull away, the Chevy took home the prize with the Mustang in second and Challenger in third.

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