2017 Dodge Viper ACR Pushes The Limits Of American Performance

Nov 15, 2021 2 min read
2017 Dodge Viper ACR Pushes The Limits Of American Performance

This incredible car is one of the US’s greatest creations in the automotive community and is ready for a new owner.

Dodge has been known as a full-blown icon in the United States of America for over 121 years, making some of the most powerful cars that this world has ever seen. You can say what you want about how some European brands make better quality interiors, better handling, or more aerodynamically designed cars. But the simple matter of it is that Dodge will beat them all into a bloody pulp in a race when given the proper motivation. That's the American way, we're better than all of the rest without exception, and that is exactly what this car was built to represent. So what vehicle are we talking about that is so incredible it takes the title for one of the most significant automobiles ever made?

This is the 2017 Dodge ACR Viper, and it is hungry for a new owner to push the limits of what an American Supercar can do. Under the hood of this incredible beast is a venomous 8.4-liter V10 which produces an insane 645 horsepower and 600ft/lbs of torque. That ridiculous power is transferred through a six-speed manual transmission that helps the Viper hit a top speed of 177mph. So, of course, it's pretty terrifying to push the car to that incredible limit. Still, you can rest assured that the aerodynamics package will help alleviate your stress with 2000lbs of downforce at total capacity.

The interior is exceptionally well planned out and beautifully crafted to show the best of Mopar's design. Just like most American performance models, the driver is the star of the whole operation. Brown leather seats accompany the leather door panels and dash, which show the same color scheme of brown and black. This incredibly comfortable interior is the basis of one of the most incredible things about this car, the Targa top. Finally, you can drive and thrive by living on the edge with this insanely fun vehicle.

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