Thieves Steal Audi RS4 And BMWs The Old Fashioned Way

Apr 20, 2023 1 min read
Thieves Steal Audi RS4 And BMWs The Old Fashioned Way

Good to see not everyone has gone high-tech…

Too often these days we see stolen car stories involving thieves using an advanced technological device/technique. It seems like these guys are wannabe computer hackers and with the advanced systems on modern cars those kinds of skills are rewarded. But a series of vehicle heists in Scotland shows some thieves still prefer the old school methods of boosting vehicles, which is refreshing and troubling at the same time.

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The event in question happened in the late hours of April 5 and wee hours of April 6 at multiple addresses in West Lothian, Scotland. First, thieves broke into a house and took the keys for an Audi RS4. Hey, if you’re going to steal you might as well go for something fast, although we don’t approve of stealing. But this makes so much more sense than swiping Kias and Hyundais.

From there, the suspects broke into a second house, taking the keys to a BMW X5 and M4. While an X5 is okay, the M4 would make a good getaway vehicle. But both are going to be pretty easy to sell on the black market, sadly, as will the RS4. And that’s probably why they were targeted.

The local news story doesn’t detail out how the thieves got inside the two houses. Hopefully they didn’t just walk in, but with how many people don’t lock their car doors and leave key fobs sitting in cupholders overnight, we have to wonder if they also leave their front door unlocked.

This is a good reminder that will thieves will try using technology to steal your cars, they might just try to steal the keys like back in the day. Keeping the keys somewhere safe and securing your house, especially at night, is always a good idea.

Source: STV News

Image via Facebook

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