Ringbrothers unleashes a masterpiece.

In a striking display of automotive artistry and engineering, Ringbrothers has once again set the benchmark for restomods with the unveiling of "UNCAGED," a breathtaking 1965 Mustang convertible. Revealed at the glittering 2023 SEMA Show in Spring Green, Wisconsin, "UNCAGED" is a testament to the adage that true beauty lies in the details — and with over 4,000 hours of meticulous craftsmanship poured into it, this pony is a marvel to behold.

Embracing its heritage while galloping boldly into the modern era, "UNCAGED" is a symphony of reimagined classic design and contemporary muscle. From its widened stance — an extra inch on either side — to the one-off bespoke pieces like the taillight bezels and the galloping horse emblems, Ringbrothers has ensured that every element pays homage to the Mustang's legacy while flaunting a renewed, aggressive edge.

Jim Ring, the co-owner of Ringbrothers, paints a picture of "UNCAGED" not merely as a vehicle but as a moving sculpture: "It's lower, wider, and exudes a mixture of classic Mustang spirit and present-day audacity, right down to its lowered suspension and tucked front bumper."

The heart that powers this beast is nothing less than a Ford Performance 5.0-liter Coyote V8 crate engine, tuned to perfection and delivering an imposing 460 horsepower. Harnessed by Ford’s state-of-the-art 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission, this Mustang promises a roar that resonates with its legacy while pacing the cutting edge of today’s performance standards.

Ringbrothers doesn't stop at mere power. The fusion of the custom-built body with the Roadster Shop FAST TRACK chassis forms a unibody construct that doesn't just house a powerful engine but ensures that "UNCAGED" carves through the asphalt with the grace and precision of a thoroughbred.

The interior of the "UNCAGED" is nothing short of a sartorial elegance, a space where design genius Sean Smith's vision comes to life. Steve Pearson at Upholstery Unlimited materializes this vision, creating a cabin that is both aggressive in its appearance and graceful in its comfort, adorned with Dakota Digital instrumentation and a custom steering wheel that nods respectfully to the Mustang's origin story.

Mike Ring, standing shoulder to shoulder with his brother in this automotive endeavor, reflects on the journey: "Each build teaches us something new, and with 'UNCAGED,' we drew from our experience with 'CAGED' but steered towards uncharted territory."

This metallic muse is not just a spectacle for onlookers but an inspiration for enthusiasts who dream of crafting their personal legend. With Ringbrothers' array of custom parts, from billet-aluminum accessories to carbon-fiber additions, the dream is within reach.

As the Ringbrothers' latest prodigy "UNCAGED" basks in the spotlight at SEMA, it does more than just represent the pinnacle of automotive customization. It stands as a challenge, an inspiration, and a celebration of the relentless human spirit that continues to push the boundaries of innovation and art in the quest for the ultimate driving machine.

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