The Dodge Viper: America’s Supercar

Aug 24, 2023 1 min read
The Dodge Viper: America’s Supercar

What made this car so good?

Dodge has been an incredibly powerful automobile within the industry both in terms of true horsepower as well as its appeal to a younger generation. Originally produced in 1992, the Viper became one of the biggest cars to ever hit the American sports car market. Of course, it never was a sports car, was it? In fact, the Dodge Viper has always been a supercar with more than enough torque to beat muscle cars and the horsepower and aerodynamics to beat Lamborghinis, Bugattis, and Ferraris on the road track. Come at Americans and we’ll beat you at your own game, that's the Viper way.

Learn more about the Viper here.

Originally built with the 8.0-liter V10 engine which was made to produce around 400 horsepower for the incredibly light automobile. Despite the fact that that's sort of dismal to come out of such a large engine, the vehicle was regarded as sort of a death trap for any driver willing to get behind the wheel. If you've ever sat in the driver’s seat, you'll know how small everything is. It's all focused on the car, even to the point of sacrificing leg room for the sake of fitting a gigantic transmission tunnel in the interior.

This trend continued through the years with the first, second, and third generations which all kept pretty similar styling. However, the fourth generation became one of the most iconic cars to ever come out of any American automotive company. It was faster, quicker shifting, and featured a more impactful performance-based style which made it very sought after for any automotive enthusiast with a taste for speed. Finally, we have the fifth generation, the ultimate vehicle to connect all of these intense supercars with an 8.4-liter V10 with 650 horsepower and all of the fun Dodge marketing troupes it could handle backing it up. Overall, the Viper is a car anyone of us would love to own and perhaps we’ll even see a new Viper sometime in the future.

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