Challenger Slams Into Tattoo Shop

Jan 24, 2023 1 min read
Challenger Slams Into Tattoo Shop

$80K in damages but at least it looks like no one was hurt.

At this point, Dodge needs to start featuring high-speed police car chases, theft, and constant crashing in their commercials to be considered properly advertising their products. Enthusiasts love Dodge, for good reason, generally it’s just a great brand. However, as the honest Dodge commercial video pointed out, There’s a certain type of person that probably should be behind the wheel and they usually buy a Dodge.

In a display that could be described as the most classically Dodge thing you can imagine, a Challenger was recently driven through the front window of the tattoo parlor. It’s not funny, stop laughing. Around $80,000 worth of damage was done and about 40 people were inside the building when the car crashed into the big front window. Reports make no mention of injury so we’ll hope for the best. Behind the wheel was a 24-year-old Port St. John man whose backpack had the license plate of the Challenger inside of it.

Not many more details are really known about the incident at the moment but, due to the fact that it was 3:15 in the morning, and the license plate was in the man’s backpack, this is at best a hit and run situation, and at worst a stolen vehicle and or DUI. After all is said and done, many good samaritans, including some of the businesses' competition, came by to help with the rebuilding process and make sure that everybody is ok. It was certainly an unfortunate event, as is any car crash, but the silver lining is that everybody in that community got a taste for what the people could really do. Hopefully, the damages will be dealt with and justice will be  served but until then we’re sure there’s a lot more interesting details that are worth looking into.

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