Sydney Sweeney and Ford Unveil Custom-Designed 2024 Mustang GT

Feb 5, 2024 2 min read
Sydney Sweeney and Ford Unveil Custom-Designed 2024 Mustang GT

It's a unique take.

Ford has teamed up with acclaimed actress and car enthusiast Sydney Sweeney for an exclusive collaboration that is sure to excite both automotive and pop culture fans. This partnership celebrates the 60th anniversary of the iconic Ford Mustang with a special giveaway of a 2024 Mustang GT, custom-designed by Sweeney herself. The collaboration is a nod to individuals who passionately pursue their dreams, with Sweeney bringing her unique flair to the Mustang's design, inspired by her own 1965 Mustang named Britney.

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The giveaway, which can be entered through Ford's Instagram or TikTok pages until February 7, 2024, offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind Mustang. The 2024 model, echoing the elegance of Sydney's vintage Brittany Blue 1965 Mustang, flaunts a Robin's Egg Blue exterior complemented by a crushed glass clear coat. The car's allure is further enhanced by 20-inch chrome wheels, Sydney Sweeney's signature on the engine, and a distinctive Ford x Sydney Sweeney heart bolt emblem.

The interior of this bespoke Mustang GT is equally impressive, featuring color-changing LED stars that add a touch of glamour to the driving experience. This collaboration goes beyond just a car giveaway. It includes the launch of the Ford x Sydney Sweeney workwear collection and an Auto 101 social series. These initiatives aim to empower and inspire women to confidently engage in vehicle maintenance and explore the automotive world.

This unique partnership between Ford and Sydney Sweeney represents a fusion of automotive heritage and contemporary culture. It not only celebrates the enduring legacy of the Ford Mustang but also encourages fans to embrace their passions.

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