Suspect Named In Theft of Reggie Jackson’s Hellcat

Sep 13, 2023 2 min read
Suspect Named In Theft of Reggie Jackson’s Hellcat

Have you seen this man?

Car theft is a real problem in Houston, but one man allegedly has been on a big theft spree lately that even targeted baseball legend Reggie Jackson. That’s right, Mr. October himself had his Dodge Charger Hellcat stolen as it was parked in downtown not too long ago. Now, police are on the hunt for a known criminal and gang member they believe stole Jackson’s Hellcat and many other vehicles.

Watch a Hellephant and Hellcat showdown here.

Police say the suspect, Juan Luna, has been targeting muscle cars and red-hot pickup trucks. There are plenty of both in Houston, making it fertile hunting ground for an enterprising thief. The man has earned himself five felony charges for his efforts.

Jackson’s 2022 Dodge Charger Hellcat was built specially for him, with even the window sticker indicating so. We’re sure Luna doesn’t care at all and just saw the Mopar muscle car as a quick score. It apparently was purchased for $170,000 making it easy to see why a thief would do anything to pry it away from the owner.

Luna allegedly used a Ford Fusion to go hunting in two different garages in Houston on the day Jackson’s Hellcat was stolen. Not shockingly, the Fusion was also allegedly stolen. Thieves usually are smart enough to not drive their personal vehicle to go steal another.

While Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Luna, Jackson told a reporter from KHOU 11 that he’s going to contribute even more money to the pot. Maybe that will get one of Luna’s buddies to turn him in for some quick cash.

In the meantime, this is yet another reminder that you might want to invest in some additional security upgrades for your muscle car, truck, or even classic vehicle. The thieves are hungry these days.

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