1968 Hellephant Charger Takes On Modern Charger Hellcat

Mar 14, 2023 1 min read
1968 Hellephant Charger Takes On Modern Charger Hellcat

New school or classic all the way?

For decades there have been two ideologies fighting within the automotive enthusiast community. These are called the old-schools and new-schools, and boy do they love arguing. Recently, AutotopiaLA has showcased two vastly different cars that wear the same name to see if classic cars are really that much cooler than new ones. So let’s see what these Mopars have in common and what sets them apart.

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In one corner there is a slick black 1968 Dodge Charger while across the arena sits a brand new Hellcat. They might seem completely opposite but both share some major engineering as the ‘68 has a Hellephant under the hood. On top of that, neither are completely stock as the Charger Hellcat has been swapped over to a manual transmission. Fans of the brand will know that the current-gen Charger doesn’t come with a manual option available.

Having had a pulley and injector change on its engine, the Hellcat Charger’s performance may be pretty similar to that of the Hellephant. However, the Dumbo Charger has an engine that boasted 1,000 horsepower from the factory, a manual transmission, and some fully custom suspension work. All of that having been said, the ‘68 is using an engine which was made from innovations that the Hellcat came with from the factory. So the real catch for a lot of people is the custom bodywork and paint job. It seems like the ‘68 takes the cake here because it just represents everything the brand worked so hard to achieve, as well as its fan  base of builders.

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