RM Sotheby's Auction At Amelia Island Has 93-Percent Sell-Through Rate

May 29, 2021 1 min read
RM Sotheby's Auction At Amelia Island Has 93-Percent Sell-Through Rate

There was a variety of fantastic vehicles that crossed the auction stage.

If you haven't been to the Amelia Island auction and Concours, that should be marked on next year's calendar. Held at an oceanside Ritz-Carlton, one might feel as if they're in a world of luxury with high-end cars sitting under swaying palm trees and abundant sunshine. One of the auctions was RM Sotheby's, and they had plenty of classic and exotic cars up for grabs, but one would likely reach deep into those pockets. The RM Sotheby's auction was held on May 22nd.

A few of the cars that crossed the auction block are listed here. From performance Ferraris to vintage luxury classics, there were no shortage of cars to ogle over no matter what category you prefer.

Plenty of cars crossed the RM Sotheby's auction stage at Amelia Island with some yet to find new homes. Check out the RM Sotheby's page and see if any of them will suit your page. If you can't afford one like most of us, it's still fun to see what kind of eye candy is out there as car enthusiasts.


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