Street Racers Cause Huge Crash

Feb 4, 2022 2 min read
Street Racers Cause Huge Crash

Of course, a Dodge was in the mix…

We love Dodge muscle cars, but they unfortunately have gained a horrible reputation in these modern times. Some drivers behave like they’re invincible and that public roads are their private racetrack everyone else needs to vacate. So we weren’t the least bit surprised to see a Dodge Charger in the mix, even if we were disappointed.

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The footage, which was recorded by a Tesla Model Y traveling on the highway, shows traffic moving at what looks like a pretty uniform pace. The rear-facing camera on the passenger side picks up two cars traveling far quicker than everyone else on the right side of the highway as the street racers try avoiding the slower-moving vehicles.

However, both of those racers tried to occupy the right lane at the same time and it looks like they sideswiped each other. Both cars careen out of control, each one rear-ending a vehicle before all four cars spin out of control. Debris flies everywhere as the chaos unfolds. Fortunately, the video says nobody was hurt in the accident.

California, like many other states, has a law against what some call “left lane camping. That means the left lane isn’t something you just stay in all the time since it’s supposed to only be for overtaking slower drivers. You’ll notice though that the Tesla driver is in an HOV lane at the extreme left side of the freeway, so he and other drivers in that lane aren’t breaking the law. However, the cars in the next lane over, which is the left lane of regular traffic, could potentially have been cited for not using the lane properly.

Even with that bit of information, this still doesn’t justify the two street racers’ behavior. What they did was stupid and reckless. They’ve probably gotten away with it quite a few times in the past so they didn’t think anything bad would happen. We hear this excuse from street racers all the time, that they’re not “rookie” drivers and they won’t crash… until they do.

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