Man Finds His Stolen Truck With Apple AirTag

Feb 13, 2024 2 min read
Man Finds His Stolen Truck With Apple AirTag

Finally, someone flips the script on car thieves!

People are getting really sick of their cars being stolen and authorities not doing much about it. For many, their vehicle is part of their livelihood, so having it swiped by a crook really hurts. While police departments are overloaded and prosecutors seem reluctant to really go after car thieves, the problem has spun out of control in many areas. That’s what makes this story of a guy fighting back by tracking his stolen pickup truck using an Apple AirTag so amazing.

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We’ve all heard the Apple AirTag horror stories of criminals using them to track your car so they can steal it later. News outlets have also covered accusations of stalkers dropping them in purses or other items so they can stalk people. Now we have the reverse, a guy in California who used an AirTag he was given as a Christmas present to track his pickup truck after it was stolen.

Robert Pendergrast is a contractor and so he depends on his truck for work. When he went outside one day, it was just gone. Looking at a neighbor’s surveillance camera footage, he saw the thief get inside and just drive off. That’s when he took out his phone and started tracking the exact location of the stolen vehicle.

As he followed the thief, Pendergrast called the police and tried to get them to pull the guy over. However, no officers responded as Pendergrast followed the guy all over. Then the thief realized he was being followed and started trying to lose his pursuer. Pendergrast wasn’t so easily deterred. Finally, the thief stopped the truck, got out, and ran for it.

While Apple AirTags might alert someone with an Apple iPhone that one is nearby, not all thieves have iPhones. It’s not a perfect solution, but they’re cheap and can further enhance your vehicle’s security, especially since they’re so small concealing them is easy.

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