Corvette Mike Is Selling A 2004 U.S. Marine Corps Humvee With An On Road Title

Feb 13, 2024 2 min read
Corvette Mike Is Selling A 2004 U.S. Marine Corps Humvee With An On Road Title

This is a 2004 U.S. Marine Corps M1123 Heavy Variant Humvee vin # 210692 With on road title.

Corvette Mike presents an exceptional piece of military hardware, sa 2004 U.S. Marine Corps M1123 Heavy Variant Humvee, now available for civilian ownership with an on-road title. This formidable machine, vin # 210692, is not just any vehicle; it's a meticulously equipped, road-ready Humvee that brings the robust essence of military utility to the streets.

Equipped with a powerful 6.5 L diesel engine and an upgraded 4L80E transmission featuring park and overdrive, this Humvee offers unparalleled performance. Its impressive array of equipment includes the Ibistek infrared HID 360° infrared remote control spotlight night vision lighting system, allowing operations in total darkness with night vision goggles. Additionally, it boasts a Military Systems Group adjustable infrared driving light, deepwater engine intake snorkel, and deepwater fording exhaust pipe for unparalleled all-terrain capabilities.

The upgrades extend to LED military headlights, interior LED lighting, LED backup lights, and new military high-back seating with a three-point seatbelt harness system. Tactical gear seat covers, M-16 rifle mounts with replica rifles, a new Red Dot military air-conditioning system, and an interior insulation kit enhance both functionality and comfort.

Not stopping there, the Humvee includes a complete Sincgars demilitarized military radio setup, Sonotronics radio headsets, military-issue Sceptor water cans, tank propellant charge canisters, and a Rockwell Collins military GPS DAGAR navigation system. Additional features like a military dash-mounted inclinometer, LED angle flashlight, upgraded 200 amp military alternator kit, and a hood-mounted bridge plate underscore its readiness for any scenario.

Exterior upgrades include a Mile Marker front brush guard, a military Pioneer tool kit, a first aid kit, a Solargizer solar battery charger, a 110-volt AC 24-volt DC battery maintainer, and a new rear air lift bumper kit with a Rhino swing-arm spare tire carrier. The vehicle rides on five new military 24 bolt battle rims with military (E) rated Baja tires, ensuring its dominance on any terrain.

This awe-inspiring 2004 AM General Military Humvee M1123, offered by Corvette Mike, is more than just a vehicle; it's a testament to military engineering and innovation, now ready for its next mission in civilian hands. Explore this listing and many others at, and seize the opportunity to own a piece of military history with unparalleled capabilities.

This awesome Humvee is being sold by Check out this listing and many others on their website.

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