Stolen NYC Garbage Truck Trashes 18-Plus Cars

Jun 29, 2022 2 min read
Stolen NYC Garbage Truck Trashes 18-Plus Cars

And this might not have been the suspect’s first rodeo…

The lawlessness we’ve seen lately sure is troubling, especially when criminals are stealing garbage trucks to go on vicious rampages. That’s exactly what happened in Brooklyn, New York in the early morning hours on June 23. In the end, over 18 cars had been wrecked but somehow nobody was hurt, so at least there’s that.

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We’ve seen criminals target food delivery drivers who leave their car running when they go up to a door to drop off an order. Now apparently operators of heavy trucks, including garbage trucks, need to be extra vigilant. According to an NBC New York report, Mario Cassanova saw the sanitation worker was hitching a 30-yard dumpster to the back of the garbage truck when he jumped into the cab and threatened the worker who was inside. Then he took off, doing as much damage as he could.

Not only did Cassanova take out a number of cars parked on the side of the road in Brooklyn, he swiped light poles and trees as well. A reporter showed how there were still car parts strewn all over sidewalks in the area as owners emerged from their residents to survey the damage.

One guy whose Cadillac had been flipped around and crushed against a fence was just dismayed such a thing would happen. Another was distraught since he uses his minivan to not only drive his son around but also for his work.

Cassanova is facing a string of charges that include robbery and driving while intoxicated. It remains to be seen if New York City’s famous no cash bail policy will be applied to this case, allowing Cassanova to walk free, because oddly we couldn’t find any follow-up reports on this case. We did however dig up a story from Gothamist back in November of 2016 detailing out how a man named Mario Cassanova stole and crashed a bus on Staten Island, although we can’t confirm if it was the same guy. Check it out here.

Source and images: NBC New York

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