Stolen Mustang Hits Stolen Truck In Florida

Jul 11, 2023 2 min read
Stolen Mustang Hits Stolen Truck In Florida

Then the truck hit a house…

Things are getting wild out on city streets lately, what with all the stolen cars and the people who drove them like they don’t care about anything. The seems to be what led to a violent crash between a speeding Ford Mustang and Ford Super Duty, both of them stolen, as they traveled on intersecting pathways through a neighborhood in Bradenton, Florida.

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Some pedestrians were by the intersection when the crash happened and were filming something else, so they barely caught it. You can hear the smack as the Mustang submarines under the truck, crashing the front top of the pony car as the pickup is thrown into the air. A moment later the Super Duty landed on a house’s roof and rolled off, landing on its side as the Mustang caught on fire.

This is the kind of chaos people are enduring these days. And a lot of innocent victims are so fed up they’re about to do something about the laxness of law enforcement which seems to reign supreme. ABC Action News in Florida caught up with the homeowner who suffered that devasting damage after the wreck, and he said he was “ready to kill” at the sight.

We don’t blame him. After all, the guy is just trying to live his life, pay his bills, and stay out of trouble. Meanwhile, some punk kids decided to steal a bunch of cars, 12 to be exact, from a local auto shop, then joyride them around the city, resulting in this horrific scene.

The guy told a reporter he works two jobs and cares for his disabled mother. He doesn’t need to be dealing with this garbage but he is. The next time a prosecutor or judge launches into a lecture about giving car thieves and other criminals leniency, remember this man and what he’s suffering as a result.

Images via ABC Action News

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