Stolen Ferrari 456 GT In Chicken Controversy

Apr 5, 2024 2 min read
Stolen Ferrari 456 GT In Chicken Controversy

Recently sold on Bring A Trailer, the case around this Ferrari sure is interesting…

Explosive allegations have been made by a man who unknowingly bought a stolen 1996 Ferrari 456 GT on Bring A Trailer. According to a report from New York Post, the man who submitted the winning bid of $72,500, 24-year-old Joachim Vaturi, claims the seller, chicken magnate Houston Crosta, knew the Ferrari had been stolen. That’s not a light accusation to level at anyone.

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Vaturi isn’t just throwing around accusations, but reportedly has filed suit with the Manhattan Supreme Court. The man says he realized the Ferrari was hot a couple of weeks after he bought it, thanks to his mechanic trying to get parts to make some repairs. Ferrari informed the mechanic of the 456 GT’s status and said it was “subject to recall.”

That alone would be enough to make someone worry, if not more. After all, if you can’t source parts from Ferrari to fix issues on the car, what good is it? Also, who wants to be “that guy” who purchased a vehicle which was stolen in one country, then shipped to another and passed off as legit?

According to New York Post, Crosta purchased the 456 GT back in April, but said in the listing on Bring A Trailer that the Ferrari has a “clean Carfax report and a clean Nevada title.” It doesn’t seem that those claims are being contested by Vaturi, who says the seller didn’t mention the vehicle had been stolen from a previous owner in Italy. However, Vaturi claims in a text message after the truth was revealed, Crosta admitted the Ferrari was stolen.

In the court filing, Vaturi claims Crosta refuses to give the man a refund. Crosta is a co-owner of the hip and rapidly growing Houston’s Hot Chicken brand.

Source: New York Post

Images via Bring A Trailer

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