Stealing cars is an international trade…

Sadly, many cars which are stolen don’t stay in the country long. We’ve covered before how especially luxury vehicles and SUVs tend to be loaded into shipping containers, snuck past border patrol agents, and put on ships for places like the Middle East and Venezuela. A dramatic case out of the UK illustrates this well with a Bentley Mulsanne stolen in London recovered in Pakistan of all places.

Learn why push-button cars are more likely to be stolen here.

According to Daily Mail, the £200,000 luxury SUV was apprehended by Pakistani police in the city of Karachi. Reportedly, the vehicle was outside a house in Defence Housing Authority, which is a rich neighborhood.

Since the keys were nowhere to be found, Pakistani police had to push the heavy luxury car onto a tow truck, which sounds super fun. They of course double-checked the VIN first, just like any good repo agent. Reportedly, the man who was in possession of the Mulsanne admitted he knew it was stolen.

Supposedly, the man who had the stolen Bentley took full blame for all the paperwork filled out in a way to fool authorities and get the Bentley licensed. That sounds like he’s covering for people he fears getting into trouble.

There’s speculation this Bentley was recovered with the help of British intelligence. That begs the question of just who is the owner and why they wanted the vehicle back so desperately. After all, insurance should cover most if not all of the replacement cost. Was there something of greater value in it? We’ll probably never know.

This serves as a great reminder that you should employ several methods for recovering your vehicle should it be stolen. While the factory tracking system might work, many thieves are wise to those, so aftermarket systems can be useful. Hiding a few Apple AirTags has also proven effective in tracking down and recovering stolen vehicles.

Source: Daily Mail

Images via Twitter

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