Secret Site Hides Rotting Classic British Cars

Jul 14, 2022 2 min read
Secret Site Hides Rotting Classic British Cars

Why did the owner just leave them like this?

Every time we see car graveyards we always wonder why people leave classics just sitting out in the elements. Lest anyone think this is a phenomena exclusive to North America, we bring yet another example from the UK or more specifically Scotland. The man who photographed these rotting classic cars and posted what he saw to Instagram, Grant Vincent, is remaining pretty tight-lipped about where he found them.

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While you would expect to see a lot of Fords, Chevrolets, Dodges, Buicks, etc. rotting away in American fields and forests, in this undisclosed location in Scotland we find British classics like Jaguars and Austins. Some look like they’re not in horrible condition, but others are pretty weathered and are missing many pieces. Some obviously were involved in crashes back when they were being used. Now they’re all slowly rejoining nature.

Surely there’s quite the story behind this collection. Did someone amass all this with the aim of restoring the cars, then they died and the heirs just don’t care? Is the owner terminally ill and unable to do anything with these rides? Are they are on private property and someone is actually going to do something with them? We have so many questions and no answers.

The only think we know about the location is it’s thirty miles outside of Edinburgh. We’d be willing to bet Vincent doesn’t want to disclose the location of these cars because he doesn’t want the location overrun by others. Unfortunately, not everyone is respectful and some would vandalize the classics. Sure, they’re rotting away but that doesn’t mean you should break windshields and spray paint them. Also, some might try removing parts or even drag away entire cars. A lot of problems result from people thinking they can show up and just do whatever they want because they saw a cool place online.

Source: Mirror

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