Rolls Royce Makes A Deal With The Devil

Nov 25, 2023 2 min read
Rolls Royce Makes A Deal With The Devil

This Hellcat swapped Rolls is finally finished!

You might remember a flamboyant luxury car we wrote about a few months ago on the floor of the incredibly iconic Hoonigan shop. That's right, we're talking about that old forgotten Rolls Royce whose automotive life was set to change forever in early 2022. The plan was essential to strip the vehicle down to its bare bones, adding a performance chassis, exterior upgrade, and power figures that would blow away any Hellcat that crossed its path. Over the past few months, we've been watching as the team took the car from being a poorly kept rust bucket to a massively influential drifting legend, and now it's finally finished. Of course, this is all well and good, but what exactly did it take to make the car what it is today?

Watch a C8 turn into a bowling ball here.

We all know that the intended powerhouse was a 6.2-liter third-gen Hemi motor, or as we all know it, a Hellcat engine! However, you may not know that the team decided to add an extra piece to that engine which bumped up performance significantly. Instead of running a stock Hellcat motor, Supply, the main engine guy, took out the original supercharger in favor of a massive Magnuson blower. Apparently, 707 horsepower just wasn't enough for these guys, and as such, the car is now making around 900-850 horsepower to the rear wheels. Be careful around this car, as simply hearing that beautiful exhaust note may send you flying from your chair.

All of that power is handled nicely by the Art Morrison chassis, which was custom built to fit this exact model. It does this exceptionally well as it was built by possibly the most reputable names in the performance aftermarket chassis names in the business. This car will be thrown around on the track, which is precisely why this car sports three separate radiators. Finally, the T56 six-speed manual transmission ensures that the driver can handle the massive power numbers. Overall this car is a track beast, and every single detail shows that perfectly.

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