Pennsylvania Man Robbed Of About 5,000 Matchbox Cars

Feb 10, 2023 1 min read
Pennsylvania Man Robbed Of About 5,000 Matchbox Cars

It’s not enough to steal your full-size rides anymore…

Car theft is so out of control these days that a man in Perry County, Pennsylvania reportedly was robbed of about 5,000 Matchbox cars recently. It’s pretty scummy to take someone’s full-size ride, whether it’s a hobby vehicle or a daily driver, but to steal a grown man’s toy cars is just lower than low.

Collecting toy diecast cars is a serious business. Read more about it here.

According to a local report, the theft took place sometime in 2021 but was reported on January 18, 2023. No, that’s not a typo, the owner of the Matchbox cars said he was robbed sometime during the course of 2021.

That’s right, sometime two years ago these little diecast cars were stolen. Well, 5,000 or something like that. State police reportedly have valued each car at $7 so the entire theft is in the neighborhood of $35,000. That’s not a small quantity of money, but how was this crime not discovered until January 2023?

Perhaps the Matchbox cars were in long-term storage in the poor guy’s house and he was just recently going through is inventory, discovering they were gone. Or maybe he opened some boxes and discovered they were empty, realizing the last time he opened them up to see the toy cars were inside was in 2021. We don’t know because local reports don’t go into much detail at all.

The big takeaway here is if you collect diecast cars, there are people who will steal them. So not only do you need to secure your big rides, you also need to take measures to theft-proof your toy cars. Maybe try putting them in locking cabinets or a safe? Perhaps install a security camera or two wherever you store them? What a time to be alive, where everything not bolted down gets swiped.

Sources: Penn Live, Local 21 News

Image via Pexels

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