Road Runner And Cuda Battle For Fast And Furious First Place Prize

Apr 19, 2024 1 min read
Road Runner And Cuda Battle For Fast And Furious First Place Prize

These Mopars are ready to rumble.

We’ve talked a lot about the battles between different brands racing each other with their best performance cars. However, it’s very rare to see two completely different builds from the same father company fighting it out for the win. Luckily, there has recently been a squabble between two legends, both bearing the Plymouth name. So who really is the king of this Mopar family?

Well, first of all, there is the 1969.5 Plymouth Road Runner whose style has been tweaked ever so slightly for the big screen. By that I mean it was modified to appear in the Fast and Furious franchise. However, don't think that’s it's only good attribute because it would be pretty difficult to assess which car was better, since the second car has also been in the same series. Both vehicles have pretty crazy powertrains as well as being icons of their time.

On top of that, the Road Runner and Cuda both show their engine bays emboldened by a massive Hemi big-block engine. If you think big-block has to mean heavy then you are sorely mistaken my friend as the motors are crafted from aluminum, again making them even faster than previously imaginable. Of the two, the Cuda has got to be the best looking by far, at least in my opinion, with a black glossy paint and lots of references to the AAR lineup. Overall, the Cuda takes the win for a lot of enthusiasts but maybe there will be a rematch of these two muscle car icons.

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