Road Rager Shoots Denise Richard’s Shelby Raptor

Nov 16, 2022 2 min read
Road Rager Shoots Denise Richard’s Shelby Raptor

Welcome to Los Angeles!

An explosive report from TMZ highlights a problem normal people face every day, but when it involves a has-been Hollywood actress that’s when corporate media starts fiercely paying attention. We are talking about Denise Richards and her husband Aaron being involved in a road rage incident which left a bullet hole in their Shelby Raptor.

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The couple were on their way to Popsicle Studio in Los Angeles on Monday when another driver became irritated with how Aaron was driving, according to TMZ. Reportedly, he was having a hard time finding the studio and so we can imagine probably wasn’t going as fast as normal, probably pausing at different roads/driveways, etc. That’s when a guy in a car behind them had enough.

According to the report, the other driver started shouting while trying to go around the Shelby Raptor pickup truck. Instead of getting into a tussle, Aaron apparently just let the guy go past. However, that wasn’t enough for the man’s trouble because he took one shot at the rear driver’s side quarter panel, leaving a nice hole in that super durable aluminum.

One detail we immediately zeroed in on that other media outlets seem to have missed is the missing “L” in the Shelby badge. Did the impact of the bullet dislodge that? Or are Aaron and Denise Richards driving around like that? If so, that’s pretty janky for a Hollywood star.

TMZ describes the incident as “life-threatening” but last time we checked, a round from what was probably a handgun isn’t an RPG. While certainly a scary scenario, since the other driver didn’t fire into the cab there was little to no chance the couple would’ve been struck. That’s not to excuse what the other guy did at all, because if the account is correct it sounds like he should be charged with at least one crime, if not multiple.

As we said in the beginning, this is a situation sadly so many in cities like Los Angeles face all the time. It might have something to do with clipping the wings of police departments and reforming how harshly such criminal acts are treated by prosecutors. Funny how the problem isn’t focused on much until someone famous is threatened.

Source: TMZ

Images via Facebook, TMZ

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