Man Carjacks Dodge Because He Can’t Get A Flight

Nov 16, 2022 2 min read
Man Carjacks Dodge Because He Can’t Get A Flight

Someone thought GTA was training for real life…

If you’ve lived in this world long enough, you know that getting a plane ticket on the same day you want to depart can be a tricky thing. Apparently, for 20-year-old John Joseph Thomas Green he lacks the experience to understand that – or it might have been the drugs. A report out of Salt Lake City claims the man carjacked two vehicles and ran into several others in an attempt to get to Denver after he couldn’t book a flight the same day. Lucky for him, he got a free trip to jail.

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Per the report, Green became irate at about 5 am on November 4 in Salt Lake City International Airport. Someone called the police, who learned on their way to the scene that the suspect left and carjacked someone’s Dodge Durango at the airport.

The guy got all the way to the 900 West and 2100 South area when he crashed into another car. Showing just how great driving under the influence works, he made a U-turn and hit a second vehicle. Probably because the one he stole was in bad shape at that point, the guy tried carjacking an SUV, but luckily the female driver was able to fight him off.

Giving up, Green jumped back into the Durnago he boosted and took off. Then he got into another crash in South Salt Lake at about 2860 S. West Temple, nearly hitting a building. It sounds like he was driving about as well as a 7-year-old playing Forza for the first time.

From there, Green went east on I-80, causing 5 additional crashes, one of which was a rollover near Parley’s Summit. Thankfully, police say only minor injuries resulted from those wrecks.

That’s when the Dodge Durango finally gave out, so Green tried carjacking a few vehicles in the eastbound lanes, but wasn’t successful. This is why keeping your doors locked while driving is so important.

Not to be deterred, Green started throwing rocks at westbound vehicles, hitting the windshield of a Toyota Tacoma. When the driver pulled over to check out the damage, Green jumped into the driver’s seat and tried escaping. However, the driver took the keys out of the ignition. With some keyless ignition systems, had the driver been standing outside with the key the truck still would’ve fired up – that’s something to think about.

It was the end of the line as some deputies showed up, pulled Green out of the truck, and arrested him. All that carnage had allegedly been accomplished by the man at 6:15 am or in about an hour. Think someone took GTA a little too seriously?

After he was arrested, Green allegedly told a deputy he was on PCP, cocaine, and meth.

Source: KSL

Photos via Salt Lake City Police

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