Reviving Packard: A Dream Takes Shape in Medina

Mar 29, 2024 2 min read
Reviving Packard: A Dream Takes Shape in Medina

A chapter take for the classic.

In Medina, Ohio, a fascinating venture is breathing new life into automotive history, thanks to a serendipitous discovery by Scott Andrews, an internet consultant with a newfound passion for Packard automobiles. Packard Motors, centered around a meticulously crafted 1934-style Packard convertible, marks a bold step in reviving the luxury and craftsmanship synonymous with the pre-World War II American auto giant known for its engineering marvels and luxury.

The journey into Packard’s revival began unexpectedly in 2019 when Andrews stumbled upon a car that caught his eye, sparking a conversation with his father that would lead him down a path of historical discovery and entrepreneurial innovation. Diving deep into Packard's rich heritage, Andrews was captivated by the brand's pioneering spirit and decided to bring back the luxury and elegance of the 1930s Packards to today's auto enthusiasts.

The quest for revival saw Andrews and his friend, chemist Steve Constantino, embark on a mission to manufacture new versions of the 1930s Packards. Their search for authenticity led them to a Nebraska company capable of supplying the necessary parts, while Andrews secured the legal rights to the Packard brand. Together, they envisioned combining timeless design with modern technology to create vehicles that would stand as personal expressions of their owners.

Choosing Medina as their base, Andrews and Constantino found an ideal location in the historic Raymond Building. With the city’s support, they are now poised to establish a manufacturing facility that promises to blend Packard's legacy with cutting-edge innovation. Their showroom, featuring the stunning 1934 convertible, already captivates passersby, hinting at the extraordinary project unfolding within.

Beyond cars, Packard Motors offers a glimpse into Andrews' broader vision, including his ambition to transform the internet experience through a new service that empowers users to own their data. As Packard Motors takes shape, it stands as a testament to the power of dreams, the allure of history, and the endless possibilities of the future. Visitors to their Medina showroom can explore this unique blend of past and present, perhaps even beginning the journey to owning a piece of automotive history reimagined for the 21st century.

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