1932 Packard Twin-Six Is One Of Just Three 905 Models Produced

Feb 16, 2022 2 min read
1932 Packard Twin-Six Is One Of Just Three 905 Models Produced

This incredibly rare vehicle sports one of the world’s first V12 engines to ever hit the American performance market.

Packard was one of those American car companies whose reputation for luxury and performance far exceeded their European competitors. These cars became the pinnacle of luxury and style with gigantic bodies that could now be described as land yachts, big displacement engines, and insane attention to detail. Everyone wanted one of these incredible automobiles, but the company closed its doors in 1956 when the last Packard vehicle rolled off the assembly line. Unfortunately, that means that the value of these cars has skyrocketed in price due to extremely low numbers of viable Packard automobiles left in the world. So this particular luxury vehicle might be the perfect answer to the question that many enthusiasts pose, how can you get your hands on one?

This 1932 Packard Twin-Six Convertible Victoria utilized the very first V12 engine, which was an incredible technological innovation for the time. That intense powerhouse was reportedly able to produce 160 horsepower at 3,200 rpm, making it a pretty high revving engine for the time. Without a doubt, this was an excellent car for its time, but the craziest part of this car is the extreme rarity. It is believed that this is one of the “905” models, which makes it one of just three vehicles produced of that type. All of the power provided by that insane V12 engine is sent through a three-speed manual transmission to the vintage wired wheels which give the car a beautiful road presence.

With the top down, this car presents a sleek roadster style that looks like something you would see in an old dirt racing event. However, when you keep the roof on the vehicle, you are shown the high-class style and unique design, making this car a stunning luxury cruiser. The interior was about as fancy as one could get in the 1930s, with some swanky black leather seats and a glossy wooden steering wheel that sets the tone for a comfortable and fashionable ride. This is the perfect vehicle for any luxury automotive enthusiast looking to get their hands on a legend from the early days of American automobiles.

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