Retirement Home Resident Surprised with Classic Car Show

Aug 11, 2023 1 min read
Retirement Home Resident Surprised with Classic Car Show

The community rallies in style.

When Glenn Thomas was approached by a staff member from the Karwood Retirement Retreat in Paradise, the goal was straightforward: cheer up Winfield Harnett, a passionate classic car enthusiast entering palliative care. What unfolded was beyond anyone's imagination.

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The simple act of kindness ballooned into an extravagant mid-week car show. It began with Thomas reaching out on social media, seeking a few car lovers to rally for Harnett, an octogenarian and retired mechanic with a penchant for vintage cars.

The overwhelming response to Thomas's appeal was astonishing. "I never expected such an incredible turnout. The constant messages and calls were surprising, to say the least," Thomas remarked. The initial relaxed gathering morphed into an impressive showcase with about 70 classic cars.

Lorraine Stoughton, Harnett's daughter, shared her father's longstanding connection with automobiles, detailing his reputation as a distinguished mechanic in central Newfoundland. "It's heartwarming to see how many came forward to support a man so passionate about cars," she said.

As attendees marveled at the vintage machines, Harnett took his time, inspecting each vehicle, confident in his ability to distinguish engine nuances and provide on-the-spot tuning if needed.

The spectacle left Harnett in awe. "It's overwhelming. I'm not sure how to express my gratitude," he admitted.

In reflection, Thomas shared a sentiment that many could resonate with: the importance of camaraderie among car enthusiasts. "In times of need, we rally behind our own. Someday, I might be in Harnett's shoes, hoping for a similar show of love," he said.

Although Thomas's 1950 Studebaker wasn't primed for the event, his presence and the joy he brought to Harnett spoke volumes. "I just wanted to support in any way I could," he concluded.

Source: CBC

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