Stolen High-End Vehicles Unearthed in Shipping Container by Ottawa Police

Aug 11, 2023 1 min read
Stolen High-End Vehicles Unearthed in Shipping Container by Ottawa Police

The Duo Faces Charges in Separate Theft Incidents.

Ottawa's vigilant police force made a startling discovery when they stumbled upon a Ferrari and a Range Rover, both reported stolen, as they were being packed away into a shipping container.

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A patrolling officer in Ottawa's east end, while surveying the vicinity of Ramseyville Road around noon on Tuesday, noticed something amiss. A tow truck was spotted in the process of placing a 2021 Range Rover into a container. A closer look revealed a 2022 Ferrari 812 GTS sharing the confined space.

Following their trail of evidence, authorities identified that the Ferrari had been reported missing in Toronto, and the Range Rover had similarly vanished from the Peel Region.

In connection to the confiscated luxury vehicles, 40-year-old Ottawa resident, Nancy Said, now faces charges related to the possession of stolen goods exceeding $5,000, and is suspected of plotting a criminal act.

Simultaneously, another vehicle-related incident saw an officer apprehending a suspicious driver on the Queensway. While cruising east on Hwy. 417, the officer's attention was caught by a Jeep Gladiator's driver. A routine check confirmed the Jeep to be stolen, leading to the immediate arrest of the driver.

The driver, 20-year-old Angulo Arizola from Montreal, has been slapped with multiple charges, which include the possession of stolen goods over $5,000 and vandalism.

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