Respected Collectors Predict Internal Combustion Cars Will Outshine EVs in Future Auctions

Nov 15, 2023 1 min read
Respected Collectors Predict Internal Combustion Cars Will Outshine EVs in Future Auctions

They don't think EVs will pickup steam with collectors.

During an engaging discussion at Robb Report’s House of Robb at Wynn Las Vegas, Bruce Meyer and Merle Mullin, two of the world's most esteemed car collectors, shared their insights into the future of automotive collecting. As reported by Robb Report, the consensus between them suggests that electric vehicles, despite their growing prominence in the automotive industry, may not spark the same fervor among collectors as classic internal combustion engine cars do.

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Meyer, who possesses an exquisite collection of race cars, including the Le Mans-winning Ferrari 250 GT SWB, expressed doubts about the collectibility of EVs compared to their combustion-engine counterparts. Mullin, known for her and her late husband's exquisite collection of Art Deco-era automobiles, concurred, highlighting the functional value of EVs over their potential as collectibles.

The conversation took an intriguing turn when the pair discussed the prospective value of the last internal combustion Rolls-Royce versus the marque's inaugural EV, the Spectre. Both Meyer and Mullin leaned towards the former as the more judicious investment. While they recognize the importance and utility of electric vehicles, they anticipate that the gradual distancing from traditional engines will only enhance the allure of classic cars.

The Robb Report's discussion revealed an interesting perspective that, despite shifts in automotive technology, the passion for classic and historic automobiles remains undiminished. Meyer and Mullin emphasize the timeless advice for collectors: the true value lies in one's passion for the piece, a sentiment that transcends market trends and technological advancements.

Source: Robb Report

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