Repeat Offenders Fail To Steal Ferrari In Connecticut

Jul 25, 2022 2 min read
Repeat Offenders Fail To Steal Ferrari In Connecticut

How much time will they do for this crime?

Part of the problem with the car theft trend in the United States and some other countries is that the thieves face few consequences when caught. This is clearly illustrated by a dramatic case out of Greenwich, Connecticut when a group of men tried stealing a Ferrari out of a woman’s driveway. After a chase and crash, the thieves were apprehended, police discovering they’ve done this sort of thing many times before.

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The whole thing started on the morning of April 20 when the victim walked outside of her house, seeing a man sitting inside her Ferrari. After she screamed, the man jumped out of the car and ran over to a Mercedes G-Class that was waiting nearby, jumping inside.

Police soon spotted the Mercedes as it fled the area, along with a Dodge Durango. Those two vehicles crossed into New York and county police tried to stop them. While they evaded capture, the Mercedes and Durango crashed. The suspects in the Dodge jumped into the other vehicle and tried to take off again, but police were all over the scene and they got nowhere.

Plenty of evidence was inside the G-Class, including purses belonging to two women from Greenwich. Also, police found the Dodge and Mercedes were stolen on April 19 and 20, respectively. According to authorities, these guys were part of a car theft ring based out of New Jersey. They would steal some cars and drive up to Greenwich, using the previously stolen vehicles as lookouts while the crew boosted even more rides.

Surprising us not the least was the revelation that all the guys had pervious arrest records for swiping cars. One crashed a stolen Audi in New Jersey last October, then fled the scene. Authorities know the group loads the contraband vehicles into shipping containers at the Port of Newark, which are then sent to Africa for sale, a problem we’ve touched on before. And while some of the theft ring are now sitting in jail with a $200,000 bail, there’s no doubt the rest are still out there swiping cars. How long will it be until the others are also set free and go back to taking what isn’t theirs?

Source: Greenwich Time

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