Jason Momoa Collides With Motorcyclist

Jul 25, 2022 1 min read
Jason Momoa Collides With Motorcyclist

We never like to see this happen…

A lot of people have worked hard to spread awareness of motorcycles on roads, but sometimes there’s little to nothing drivers can do to prevent accidents. That appears to be what went down when a rider reportedly crossed the center line on a winding Calabasas, California canyon road, hitting the front-end of the actor’s 1970 Oldsmobile 442, flipping over the classic muscle car’s hood.

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The accident happened on Old Topanga Road on July 24 at about 11 am. Fortunately, the rider reportedly suffered only “minor, non-life-threatening injuries” per a report from CBS News. Momoa immediately stopped his car, helped administer aid to the rider, and flagged down another driver to call 911.

Considering Momoa is a big Harley-Davidson fanatic, being involved in an accident with a motorcycle rider probably hit him harder than most. Thankfully, he seems to not have on his conscience that he was at fault in the accident, plus the rider should pull through just fine.  A California Highway Patrol spokesman indicated the actor stayed at the scene of the accident to help with the investigation.

Damage to the classic Olds 442 appears to be localized to the front bumper, headlights, and fender on the driver’s side. While it’s unfortunate the muscle car was damaged, we’re sure Momoa knows a guy who can get it all put back together properly.

The 21-year-old rider who struck Momoa’s car appeared to have been riding with a group of several others. Reports don’t indicate whether or not the motorcycles were riding single-file or side-by-side. CHP will eventually come to a conclusion on the investigation, determining if speed or other factors contributed to the crash.

TMZ has video of the accident’s aftermath. If you care to check it out we’ve included it.

Source: CBS News Los Angeles

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