Real Deal Eleanor Mustang Is One Of Three

Dec 28, 2022 1 min read
Real Deal Eleanor Mustang Is One Of Three

Replicators can’t match this…

Pretty much everybody has seen a replica Eleanor mustang at this point. They’re such cool cars and it’s a very iconic look to say the least but it’s very rare that we get a glimpse of the real deal. In fact, only three hero cars were actually used for the movie, Gone In 60 Seconds  . Essentially that means that the real Eleanor cars are some of the rarest vehicles to ever be featured in film or television. Add onto that the major Travis he that comes with the trademark name and you have a recipe for an incredibly difficult to find automobile.

However, that was until this car came on the scene boasting it’s true movie quality and appearance in Nicolas Cage is Gone In 60 Seconds . Under the hood you’ll find a pretty hefty 351 Windsor crate engine, which is modified to 427 cubic inches, and many cool performance features that made it perfect for a movie about hot high speed action and police chases. As previously stated, it’s only or it’s one of only three in the entire world and, in a world full of replicas, it’s nice to lay eyes on the real thing every once in a while.

What are the biggest reasons why this car is so cool has a lot to do with the controversy surrounding the name. You’ve probably heard the story 1 million times, but here’s just one more to really ruffle your feathers. Essentially those who would want to replicate the car they only use the name if the vehicle will not be used to make a profit unless you buy the license for $25,000. It’s actually kind of hard to understand why people get so upset about it, it’s not their property so obviously they can’t just take it without asking. Either way, that’s certainly not something the owners of this vehicle have to worry about it and with such unique features as a “accidental Borla exhaust “ it’s pretty much one of a kind.

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