Rare 1970 Chevy Chevelle Found Rotting Away In Yard

Nov 15, 2022 1 min read
Rare 1970 Chevy Chevelle Found Rotting Away In Yard

Can this classic muscle car be saved?

Stores like this seem to be as old as time. A young buck strollers into a dealership by himself a beautiful muscle car from the 1970s, drives it until the wheels fall off, and eventually the car ends up rotting in some field. In the case of this particular gentleman, that story hits particularly hard. Originally purchasing the car brand new from the factory, the automobile spent its life driving at high speeds showing off its pretty colors. Eventually it landed where many have seen it today, the owner’s yard.

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Well it looks like a complete rust bucket these days, and it’s prime it was the perfect enthusiast car. Under the hood sits a massive 454 in.³ big block V8 and a transmission system that worked well on the road and track scenarios. That, of course, is a four-speed manual transmission, courtesy of Chevys best engineers at the time. The driver claims it is a LS6 but the YouTuber filming his car doubts the reliability of that distinction.

Essentially, as he puts it, the options on this car don’t necessarily line up with those available for the LS6 production cars. However, it’s still a very rare vehicle and even has some pretty cool features such as a convertible top, racing stripes, and a beautiful blue exterior body color. All in all, this would have been such an amazing vehicle to be in possession of in its best years end, well some seem quite upset by the cars current state, it seems like it has reached the natural conclusion of its life span. These days, the only one behind the wheel of this automobile is a stray cat who seems to have built a nice nest amongst the rubble and, while we all hope for the best, it seems like this is where the car will stay for a very long time.

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