Ram SRT-10 Used Creatively In Junk Yard

Apr 5, 2023 2 min read
Ram SRT-10 Used Creatively In Junk Yard

Yes, it actually runs and drives!

When you have a junkyard and need to move inoperable vehicles around regularly, you might be forced to get a little creative. While you could take on the expense of a forklift or some heavy-duty machinery, maybe even going so far as to buy a wrecker, none of those options are as fun as a junked-out Dodge Ram SRT-10.

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A YouTuber called DezzysSpeedShop has shown off how he plays “musical chairs” with the cars in his smaller yard. Since he doesn’t have hundreds of cars and a bunch of employees, we understand why he’s making due with what he has, even if it’s a high-performance pickup that’s seen better days.

The guy makes it clear he plans to restore the truck to its original glory one day, something we fully endorse. After all, there hasn’t been another mass-market V10 truck since and every last one of these Dodges should be preserved to make Greta Thunberg happy.

He also mentions putting the V10 into a 1970 Charger. We could back up that idea. After all, it’s for the environment and our beloved hobby.

While this thing is missing seats, a roof, some of the front end, and other such necessities, it does actually run and drive, which is how it works for moving the other cars around the yard. The guy also shows off how it has just under 27,000 miles on the odometer, so the mechanicals should have plenty of life left in them.

All the guy requires is a little chair like the one your probably sat in during school classes and he’s off tooling around his yard. The whole thing is hilarious and looks like a lot of fun.

Check out the video for yourself.

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