Phoenix Mother's Ongoing Struggle After Theft of Modified Tahoe For Autistic Daughter

Jan 9, 2024 1 min read
Phoenix Mother's Ongoing Struggle After Theft of Modified Tahoe For Autistic Daughter

Criminals have no souls.

In west Phoenix, Linsey Maldonado, a mother of six, continues to face challenges a year after the theft of her specially modified Chevy Tahoe, vital for her daughter with autism. The vehicle, stolen from outside her home, was a heartbreaking loss, especially considering the modifications essential for her daughter's needs.

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ABC15 revisited Maldonado's story, first reported last January. Despite her attempt to stop the theft, the car was taken and later found in March, completely gutted. "The first thing I said, 'Where is it? Is it drivable?' And unfortunately, it wasn't. It was gutted," Maldonado recounted. Phoenix Police Department informed ABC15 that the investigation is still pending, awaiting further evidence.

Since the incident, Maldonado has relied on Uber for transportation, limiting trips to essential destinations only. The logistics of traveling with four car seats and strollers have added significant stress to her life. "It's very stressful. It's like, I cry sometimes because it's so hard," Maldonado shared.

However, the ordeal has also revealed a silver lining. After sharing her story, ABC15 viewers and the community rallied to support Maldonado. Generous individuals gifted a newly modified car seat, and many referred her to resources for her children's care. "I'm forever grateful for everybody that reached out and helped me," she expressed.

To further support the family, an online fundraiser has been established. Maldonado's story stands as a testament to the resilience and strength of a mother navigating life's unexpected challenges and the power of community support in times of need. Her hope now is to afford another car in the future, bringing some normalcy back to her family's life.

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