Panama City Beach Police Department Acquires Seized 2022 Corvette

Jan 6, 2024 1 min read
Panama City Beach Police Department Acquires Seized 2022 Corvette

It's being used for community outreach.

the Panama City Beach Police Department has added a 2022 Corvette to its fleet, but not for chasing down criminals. This sleek sports car, initially owned by Georgia resident Alexander Casey, came into the department's possession following Casey's arrest earlier this year on charges related to drug trafficking, firearm possession, and evading law enforcement.

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The acquisition of the Corvette, a result of criminal forfeiture laws, symbolizes the police department's commitment to clamping down on illegal activities in the area. Panama City Beach Police Chief J.R. Talamantez emphasized the department's stance, stating, "We don’t care where you’re from. Come here with good intentions, leave with good memories. Come here with bad intentions… you can leave with a criminal record. You might leave your car behind too."

However, the department has clarified that the Corvette will not be utilized in typical police operations. Instead, it will serve a unique role in community engagement. The police plan to showcase the vehicle at various community events, aiming to inspire young minds and send a strong message to would-be offenders.

Chief Talamantez sees the Corvette as more than just a flashy car; it's a tool for connecting with the community, particularly the youth. The department hopes that the car will help bridge the gap between law enforcement and residents, fostering a sense of mutual respect and understanding.

The story of the Panama City Beach Police Department's new Corvette is an example of how law enforcement agencies can creatively use seized assets to benefit their communities. By turning a product of crime into a resource for community building, the department demonstrates an innovative approach to law enforcement and community relations.

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