Overgrown Secret Garden Of Classic Cars

Jun 25, 2022 2 min read
Overgrown Secret Garden Of Classic Cars

These cars have sat for far too long and are now ready to take on the world once again!

European car enthusiasts can be pretty crazy sometimes because of their intense passion for Porsche, BMW, and Jaguar. This comes with good reason as companies like the brands mentioned above have been pushing the limits of what a car can do for over a century. Mercedes has the 300 SL, Porsche has the 911, and BMW has the M3. However, all of these cars have one thing in common. They were created from a sheer love for racing and a fiery dedication to being the best on the track. The cars' competitive air has made them highly desirable and collectible cars. One particular model that is not nearly as well known as the ionic 911 but is likely even more valuable is the 912. Usually, these cars can be pretty hard to find, but that is precisely what one lucky automotive YouTuber has just done.

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Hidden under over 15 years of overgrown weeds, grass, and vines sit a massive collection of European sports cars, including BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes. Most of the cars have some pretty crazy stories behind them, such as a BMW 325i turbo-diesel, which reportedly got up to 65 mpg while transporting its owner all over Europe in style and luxury. Some other pretty impressive cars include an MX-5 RS limited, a separate Miata whose favorite routes consisted of running to and from North Wales, and a Mercedes 190E. While all of these vehicles are something to be respected and desired, they hardly compare to the next car on this list which is likely the most valuable on the whole lot.

This Porsche 912 appears to have been made in 1965 but has since been updated to look slightly younger by the first owner, an American from Oklahoma. Both doors that led to the car's interior were seized and locked down tight, so it took a bit of work to get them open, but the guys finally got the driver's side door open. That allows us to look inside a historical relic of Porsche's innovation. Under the engine lid is the original flat-four engine, which put plenty of power in its prime, and most of the car doesn't seem to be nearly as bad as some of the other vehicles. While the cars may not be in good shape, the owner is looking to sell all of them after some recent troubles concerning his health. We hope these things find good homes so we may one day see them run once again.

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