Ohio Thieves Swipe Mopars Right By Police Station

Feb 24, 2022 2 min read
Ohio Thieves Swipe Mopars Right By Police Station

The car thieves are feeling pretty bold these days!

We keep trying to warn readers that car thieves seem to fear little these days. A good example of how confident and/or stupid they are comes out of Heath, Ohio where two Dodge Challengers and a Jeep Grand Cherokee were stolen from a dealership located across the street from the police station. That’s pretty bold but we’re honestly not surprised.

The theft, which took place on the morning of February 7, was foiled because an officer noticed some cars running in the John Hinderer dealership lot. Since it was at a time when things are usually quiet there, the officer went over to investigate. That’s when a Dodge Challenger drove off, jumping a curb in the process.

Pursuing the stolen Mopar muscle car, the officer in his cruiser and the suspect in the Dodge both drove off the road and into a field where State Route 39 and State Route 37 intersect. While the police vehicle only sustained minor damage, the Challenger was disabled. That’s when the 15-year-old driver took off on foot, hiding in a barn until he was caught.

Meanwhile, another officer was investigating at the car dealership when the second Dodge Challenger took off and blasted down SR-79. As police gave chase, the driver got on I-70, pushing the Mopar to speeds over 120 mph. That’s when the chase was called off.

“The vehicle got so far ahead of our cruiser that they lost sight of it and [the officer] wasn't comfortable pursuing at that speed, so he discontinued the pursuit,” said Heath Police Chief David Heren.

Somewhere in the chaos a third driver slipped off with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Later, police located the two missing cars, which had been dumped in different locations.

The fact all this happened right under the nose of the police emphasizes more than ever the need to really secure your ride. When most of these thieves face the equivalent of a slap on the wrist for stealing cars, it’s no wonder they’re so brazen these days.

Source: 10 WBNS

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