National Corvette Museum Marks 70 Years With Celebration

Jun 27, 2023 1 min read
National Corvette Museum Marks 70 Years With Celebration

Will you be attending?

This year is a big one for Corvette fans as America’s sports car turns 70. While GM has plenty of festivities in the works, the National Corvette Museum isn’t going to let this National Corvette Day anniversary pass without some fanfare.

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A new exhibit is opening on the 30th, called the American Love Affair. It walks visitors through the history of the Corvette from 1953 to the present, which sure is a fitting way to mark the 70th anniversary. Examples of each generation of the Corvette will be part of the exhibit. The museum says each vehicle will “be held to the highest standards of originality.” There’s even a nod at the end to future products like the E-Ray.

If you’re lucky enough to be a resident of Warren County, admission drops from the regular $18 to just $0.70. It’s a great way to thank the local community for their continuous support of the museum and Corvette production.  The museum has been in existence for 29 years.

The cultural and industry impact of the Corvette is undeniable, despite whatever Jeremy Clarkson has said in the past. With the exception of 1983, we have had a Corvette on the market every year since that very interesting launch in 1953. Songs have been written about it, some movies have been released about Corvettes (including a regrettable one starring Luke Skywalker), and even non-car people can identify a Corvette at a glance, as long as it isn’t a C8.

Even if you can’t make it to Bowling Green, Kentucky there are National Corvette Day celebrations going on elsewhere. Many are being put on by local Corvette clubs with gatherings, cruises, and more in the works. You’ll need to figure out exactly what’s planned in your area, but just remember it’s this Friday so you don’t have much time.

Image via National Corvette Museum

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