Mustang And Corvette Collide In Street Takeover

Oct 6, 2022 1 min read
Mustang And Corvette Collide In Street Takeover

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

There’s no doubt street takeovers aren’t for real car enthusiasts or even remotely intelligent people. A video which recently hit YouTube has people arguing about whose fault a crash between a Ford Mustang and Chevy Corvette was and we have to weigh in. But first, we think this serves as a prime example why you should stay away from takeover events no matter where they’re held and encourage your friends to do the same.

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In the brief video we’ve included, you see a Mustang driver start to do a smokey donut like the pretty little pony it is. Then a Corvette comes in the frame as it’s trying to do a donut, but we don’t see it producing tire smoke. Plus, there’s a guy hanging out of the window of the ‘Vette and that’s just plain dumb.

That’s when the rear fender of the sports car kisses the Ford right on the front bumper and rather forcefully. It does quite a bit of damage to the Mustang, rearranging its face in a few different ways before the Chevy spins out in the opposite direction.

People on YouTube and beyond are arguing about whose fault this crash was. Some say the Mustang was going in the “right” direction in the takeover circle of stupidity while others argue the Corvette was. Since these events are illegal and by nature they don’t have any true rules, we think both arguments are just ridiculous.

In the end, both drivers are dumb, everyone at the event is dumb, and so nobody is right. Considering a lot (granted, not all) cars used in these takeover or sideshow events are stolen, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn these rides didn’t even belong to the morons driving them. Now watch the crash and marvel at the abject stupidity that is street takeovers, then vow to never support them in any way.

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