Mopar Missiles Brought To Life In Insane Dodge Demon Rendering

Apr 13, 2021 2 min read
Mopar Missiles Brought To Life In Insane Dodge Demon Rendering

This is a proper rocket!

The 1970’s is typically thought of as America’s best era when it comes to muscle cars, until the 1973 oil crisis and subsequent skyrocketing of gas prices created some of the ugliest and most under powered cars known to America at the time. However, despite the obvious financial burden, one aspect of motorsport gained quite a lot of traction; that aspect was drag racing. This was a fun cheap way for people to hang out with other enthusiasts and light up some rubber along the way in a time when car people didn't have anywhere else to go. Eventually, this translated into Pro Stock drag racing and many teams started to pop up, one such team was called “Mopar Missiles.”

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These Mopar maniacs came with the promise of winning without apology, as is the Mopar motto, and that is exactly what they did. Fast Forward 61 years or so and the internet is booming with renderings of cool cars and modified classics now including a futuristic redesign of the team’s own Challenger.

Originally the Challenger used by “Mopar Missiles” was a 1970 model that was upgraded to meet the standards set by the 1971 production year. After floating from track to track and destroying anything standing in its way to victory, the team was ultimately disbanded and the cars found their way to private collectors.

While we don't see many of these cars anymore a new era of online digital design has created a new way to appreciate those automotive legends. A prime example of this lies with this rendering of a Dodge Demon that has been redesigned for the ¼ mile. Unfortunately, while the Demon did boast a 9 second quarter mile time, it was immediately banned from competing in any NHRA events due to the lack of safety gear. This rendering would be the result of Dodge reviving the “Mopar Missiles” and bringing the Demon back from the pits of hell to lead the charge into racing history.

With tiny wheels and huge back tires, this thing would be an absolute beast on the drag strip. It is a wonder that Dodge hadn't thought of this themselves as the concept would spark a lot of attention in their direction. Maybe the world will see Dodge on the quarter-mile again one day, but for now, this awesome rendering will serve as a fine placeholder.

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