Monster Truck Mustang Entices And Violates

Jan 15, 2023 2 min read
Monster Truck Mustang Entices And Violates

We feel so many emotions right now…

Perusing our favorite subreddit (r/Sh***y_Car_Mods) we regularly run across some pretty amazing rides. Sure, some of them make us want to retch into the garbage can, proving that crimes against humanity can absolutely be committed through car modifications, but others are pretty fascinating. However, we can’t quite agree on what to make of this lifted Ford Mustang.

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We’ve covered these sorts of lifted muscle car builds in the past, including one that used a classic Mustang body. They’re just a fun, different way to go mudding or off-roading or wherever you wouldn’t dare normally take a pony car. Maybe they’re not for everyone but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate them for what they are.

Here’s the thing with this build: it’s shown at sure appears to be a track. Why would you take a lifted Mustang there of all places? Is someone drag racing with that thing? If so, are they doing it just for kicks or do they think it gives them some sort of speed advantage? We really want to know since the post on Reddit comes with zero details.

That brings us to the other thing which really bothers us: the tires on this lifted Mustang are far too small. Thankfully, another user pointed out this glaring error. We see truck owners commit this offense, some of them intentionally, and it just makes us sick. If you’re going to lift your vehicle big time, but some big tires on there, at least 33s, please. Instead, we have this Mustang which is like some violation of nature itself.

Yeah, we could nitpick over the LED light bar mounted in the lower fascia or the large aluminum wing bolted to the rear, but we don’t want to be too mean. After all, someone had the guts to put this build together and instead of taking it to a mud pit decided it was best suited for use on blacktop, bless their soul.

Check out he Reddit post for yourself here.

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