Catch The Modern Magic Of The Jaguar E-Type

Dec 14, 2020 2 min read
Catch The Modern Magic Of The Jaguar E-Type

This shop is working to preserve the spirit of these cars with careful modern enhancements.

The Jaguar E-Type has famously been called the most beautiful car ever made and it’s not difficult to see why. The curvaceous, decadently simple body and straightforward yet luxurious interior present incredibly well, making people to this day stop and stare when one drives by. As you’re well aware, progress has made certain vehicle technologies irrelevant to many modern drivers. That’s why West Coast E-Type is working to preserve the spirit of this amazing car while providing customers with the experience they demand.

image credit: YouTube

This isn’t about taking the Jaguar E-Type’s body and using whatever modern powertrain for a wild, cobbled-together concoction. As the owner of the shop, Harry, explains enthusiastically, the updates done to these British sports cars don’t ruin the essence or spirit of the machine. Instead, it’s all about doing things the way Jaguar would have had the same technologies been available back when the E-Type was developed.

Harry has been all about the E-Type since he was a kid. Riding in his dad’s car got him hooked on the feel of looking out over the long hood, seeing the power dome, the feel of the suspension, and the thrill of hearing the engine roar. For these and more reasons, he’s sought to preserve that essence while making the Jaguars perform as if they were new.

image credit: YouTube

Achieving that kind of balance is as much an art form as anything, and it’s not an easy thing to master. This is why customers flock to West Coast E-Type from all over to have their car restored or to purchase one from the inventory.

Locating the shop in California was a natural choice for Harry. He enjoys the challenge of the canyon roads and the ability to take his own Jaguar E-Type to picturesque locations. Plus, the climate helps keep these amazing machines free of rust.

Check out the video to see these beautiful masterpieces in motion.

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