Mint Cadillac And Other Classic Cars Saved From Fire By Sprinkler System

Jul 1, 2022 2 min read
Mint Cadillac And Other Classic Cars Saved From Fire By Sprinkler System

This really underlines the importance of having a fire suppression system for your cars…

Fire officials in Ipswich, a community north of the Boston metro area, are reporting that a sprinkler system at a business is the thank for saving a collection of classic cars. Without the system in place, there was hundreds of thousands dollars worth of classic cars that could have been completely wiped out by fire. This comes as many collections have been victims of fire in the recent months.

It’s reported that flames broke out under the hood of a classic 1972 Lamborghini at a business named Clam Town Classics. This triggered the sprinkler system, and the fire was contained to just the engine bay. When the firefighters arrived on the scene, they were able to open the hood and put the fire out quickly.

“Usually you only have one or two sprinkler heads activated. The fact that three sprinkler heads went off tells you just how much heat there was, yet the fire was contained only to the engine compartment,” Chief Parisi said. “The sprinkler system did just what it’s designed to do. Without it, the property loss would have been much more significant.”

Sitting just a few feet away from the flaming Lambs was a mint condition 1954 Cadillac, and it was able to escape any damage.

George Delaney, owner of Clam Town Classics, was a little skeptical about the system, but now says it’s been quite the wakeup call.

“As a business owner watching the bottom line, I didn’t care too much for sprinklers.” said George “Now I’ve done a 180. After seeing the difference they make, I’m a big fan.”

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