McDonald’s Launches Whimsical "Burgercuda" Campaign Featuring a 1970 Barracuda

Feb 6, 2024 1 min read
McDonald’s Launches Whimsical "Burgercuda" Campaign Featuring a 1970 Barracuda

But their ice cream machine is still broken.

Fast-food giant McDonalds has unveiled an imaginative marketing campaign that's sure to capture the hearts of car enthusiasts and burger lovers alike. In a delightful twist, the company has introduced the "Burgercuda," a custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, as the latest accomplice in the Hamburglar’s notorious burger-stealing escapades.

The campaign celebrates the nationwide rollout of McDonalds revamped classic burgers, known for their enhanced juiciness and flavor, achieved by adding white onions to the patties on the grill. These burgers have quickly become fan favorites, prompting the Hamburglar to upgrade his heist strategies with the Burgercuda.

McDonalds Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Tariq Hassan, expressed excitement about the new campaign. “As McDonalds continues to innovate its burger offerings, it's fitting that our most notorious burger fan ups his game too. The Burgercuda is not just a car; it's a symbol of our commitment to constantly elevating our food quality,” he said.

The Burgercuda is designed to reflect Hamburglar's iconic style, complete with black-and-white stripes and red detailing. Automotive and burger enthusiasts will appreciate features like hubcaps resembling burger buns, a cheeseburger-disguised spare tire, and a concealed burger warmer in the console.

Fans are encouraged to join in the fun by spotting the Burgercuda and scanning its code to win McDonalds Arch Cards and Hamburglar-themed merchandise. Furthermore, a nationwide contest offers the chance to win free McDonalds burgers for a year.

This campaign marks a creative intersection of automotive culture and fast food, appealing to a broad audience while reinforcing McDonalds reputation for playful and engaging marketing. The Burgercuda, with its whimsical design and innovative features, is set to become a memorable icon in the brand’s history.

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