Mayor’s Efforts To Recover Son's Stolen Truck Stirs Controversy

May 4, 2022 1 min read
Mayor’s Efforts To Recover Son's Stolen Truck Stirs Controversy

Why not focus this energy on the car thieves?

A Mayor in the south suburbs of Chicago is coming under fire after he took it upon himself to help locate his son's stolen vehicle. Tinley Park Mayor Michael Glotz and two police officers attempted to track the stolen Ford F-150 into another city, and people are calling it an abuse of power. On the other hand, the Mayor is saying this is completely blown out of proportion, who do you agree with?

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The most prominent criticism comes from the Calumet City Mayor, Thaddeus Jones, who calls the actions of Glotz ‘reckless’ after the vehicle was not found in the location of the ‘ping’ Glotz was pursuing. Jones says the police in his city should have been left to handle it, but with car theft recovery being such a low priority, who wouldn’t follow a lead for their family member’s car if they could.

“Something could have happened to him while he was in Calumet City,” said Jones.  “It was a blatant abuse of power and this should be investigated by the state police to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

We’re not sure what that ‘something’ means, is his city so unsafe that a neighboring Mayor could be harmed for crossing city lines? A Tinley Park employee, trustee Diane Galante, is also calling for an investigation.

"To be clear, I never requested or asked for any special treatment," Glotz said. "I was there as a citizen and as a father, and it never even crossed my mind to contact Mayor Jones."

This is solely my opinion, but the calls for an investigation just seem like fake outrage with a political agenda. Without knowing the details of these cities and city employees, I wouldn’t dare speculate on what the agenda might be, but these investigation resources might be better allocated to actually stopping crime, don’t you think?

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