Missouri Man Gets His Beloved Mustang Back

Aug 11, 2021 2 min read
Missouri Man Gets His Beloved Mustang Back

His reaction has gone viral online…

A man in Missouri recently got back the beloved 1966 Ford Mustang he bought at the age of 19, a car he thought was lost forever. His emotional reaction to the reunion with his beloved pony car was recorded by relatives and posted on TikTok where it’s racked up millions of views. Now the entire story behind this man and his Mustang is coming out.

How well do you know the classic Ford Mustang? Find out here.

According to a local report, it was Daniel Ipock’s stepdaughter who schemed to get the car back for him. Back when Ipock met their mother after their father passed away, their new stepfather sold the car to their grandfather so he could provide for the family. Later, Ipock’s father-in-law died and his brother-in-law was preparing to sell the Mustang, only it wasn’t going to stay in the family.

Understandably, Ipock still felt a deep emotional connection with the car and was saddened to see it go. He figured that was the end. Little did he know the ’66 Mustang was going to him. In fact, the family “pranked” him, telling Ipock they sold the car and it was gone.

image credit: YouTube

When he was presented with the title and then led out to the Ford, his stepdaughters captured his overwhelming emotional reaction, uploading it online to share with the world, which is what we do with our intimate interactions these days.

For many, seeing the sheer joy of a grown man reunited with his beloved car he purchased as a teenager has been captivating. The news report says it’s been viewed over 3.8 million times. Since none of us are on TikTok we can’t see if that tally has increased, but we’d be willing to bet it’s still climbing.


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