Man Freaks Out Over Hair Growing Out Of Exhaust Pipe

Apr 3, 2024 2 min read
Man Freaks Out Over Hair Growing Out Of Exhaust Pipe

Do you know what this is?

A guy from New York set Reddit afire when he shared a picture of what looks like blonde hair coming out of his car’s tailpipe. His girlfriend first noticed the issue but both were puzzled about what it might be. That’s why the guy turned to Reddit, a move we really don’t recommend when it comes to critical maintenance issues, relationship problems, or just questions about being a functional member of society.

Watch a Dodge Hellcat beat up on a Camaro ZL1 here.

As can be expected, Reddit users had all kinds of super helpful theories about what might be causing the problem. Many of them we won’t publish because this is a family-friendly car website, but we will say at least one person thought the guy needed to get a young priest and an old priest to perform an exorcism.

We would be shocked that most people don’t know about this problem, but then again most people know so little about cars that they sincerely believe rocking it back and forth while getting gas will help it settle so more will fit in the tank.

Those of us who deal with older cars and believe in fixing them instead of just going out and buying the latest toaster on wheels know the sound damping material in mufflers can come apart and start trailing out of the tailpipe, looking surprisingly like human hair. That’s why it’s commonly called “muffler hair.”

Just a quick search of Twitter and Facebook turned up numerous examples of other people having the same issue and freaking out as they worry their vehicle is turning feral or some such thing. If this happens to you, a visit to the shop should result in a quick fix for the problem, plus your car will likely sound better with a new muffler.

Images via Reddit, Twitter, Facebook

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