LSA 1969 Chevy K5 Blazer Picks Up Where GM Dropped The Ball

Mar 22, 2022 2 min read
LSA 1969 Chevy K5 Blazer Picks Up Where GM Dropped The Ball

You won’t be able to keep up, on or off the road.

The Chevrolet brand has been responsible for creating thousands of American automobiles with plenty of utility and performance under the hood. Vehicles like the C10 and K10 pickup trucks were legendary for their time and nowadays are just as highly respected and desirable as some muscle cars. In the early years of automotive production, Ford started a war with Chevy, perpetuated it in 1964 with the Mustang, and finally lit a fire under the Chevy brand with the Bronco. Eventually, Chevrolet got tired of taking a back seat on the offroad, truck, and utility market, so they came out with the blazer. The latest generation Blazer is nowhere near what it was supposed to be initially, but the classic models are still just as impressive as they always were.

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This particular truck is a 1969 Chevrolet Blazer with a ton of crazy modifications, starting with the presence of a Toyota paint job. That color code is called "Toyota Calvary Blue," While it may not be the craziest thing about this build, it's still an elegant feature. What really amazes most enthusiasts about this build is likely a combination of the ridiculous ride height and the massive engine sitting under the hood. This thing is sitting on a set of genuinely huge 37" offroading tires, which makes excellent use of the truck's incredible torque as it can transverse nearly any terrain the owner may throw at it.

Under the hood of this compelling SUV is a gigantic LS3 V8 engine that puts out a total of 470 horsepower and 480 ft/lbs of torque which means that this truck is capable of high torque performance without sacrificing horsepower. That is a tremendous feat for this vehicle as it certainly needs all the power it can get with such large tires. Additionally, to compensate for the softer suspension, higher ride height, and higher rollover risk, the builder threw on a roll cage for safety. This adds to one crazy offroading Chevy with all the gravitas and style of a modern performance utility vehicle.

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