Lamborghini Urus Stolen From South Florida Driveway

Dec 31, 2021 2 min read
Lamborghini Urus Stolen From South Florida Driveway

And it was incredibly easy to take…

At about 12:25 am on December 24, two suspects stole a Lamborghini Urus from a residential driveway in Southwest Miami-Dade County, Florida. The victim, who was interviewed by the local news but asked not to be identified, expressed dismay that he was targeted for such a crime. Sadly, with the soaring price of cars, lax prosecution of vehicle theft, and other factors there is almost a feeding frenzy across the nation as crooks swipe cars all over.

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Unfortunately, the Lamborghini Urus was left unlocked. Like in so many cases, the thieves were checking car doors to see if they would open and they hit paydirt. This particular SUV has a nice custom paint job and wheels, the owner saying it’s worth approximately $300,000. With the keys left inside, the thieves only had to press the ignition button to get it started.

In this case, the Lamborghini SUV was parked behind a driveway gate. While that might seem like enough security, we’ve seen thieves not be deterred by such an obstacle many times. Many vehicles have a gate opener inside them, so once a thief is inside they can open the gate with ease. We’ve also seen crooks use a stolen car to ram through a secured gate.

The wife was inside the house wrapping Christmas presents when she noticed the driveway gate was open. After looking outside and seeing the Lamborghini was gone, she and her husband immediately called police. However, by that time the thieves were long gone.

Surveillance video from neighbors’ homes show the pair of thieves were checking other car doors before stealing the Urus. While it might seem like a small thing, ensuring your ride’s doors are locked every time you park it can be the best deterrent to theft.

We also keep telling readers if they have a desirable car, whether it’s a new luxury performance ride or a classic car, it’s best to keep it in a secured garage at night. While there are ways to break into garages, sometimes having your ride in there means potential thieves don’t even know it exists. Plus, there are steps you can take to physically lock the track for your garage door, ensuring even if criminals can hack your door opener that they can’t get inside.

Source: WSVN

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