Kia EV6 GT: A Soccer Mom’s Hyper Car

Nov 3, 2022 1 min read
Kia EV6 GT: A Soccer Mom’s Hyper Car

What exactly is Kia going for here?

Kia has never exactly been known for performance and speed. Sure you could bring up models like the Stinger GT which could be called a pretty decent sports car. However their reputation for economy cars will always be the thing that makes their brand viable. That being said, because everyone else is starting to go electric Kia decided to join the bandwagon. What that means is they’ve been on a similar crusade against gas powered automobiles and there’s only one way to do that, performance.

See which actor is done with Tesla here.

With that in mind, this is the Kia EV6 GT, the Korean manufacturer’s answer to its competition. As expected, there isn’t really all that much different about the GT compared to the standard EV6 in terms of look. On the outside you’ll find that the grille has a different pattern and the interior has something called the GT button. Other than that, mostly the two automobiles are pretty much the same in terms of style.

Overall, there is one word being thrown around a lot in the review video, average. The trunk space is fine, exterior styling is that of a typical crossover SUV, and the interior is pretty standard for the brand’s usual capabilities. However, the performance of the vehicle really is quite interesting as the rear motors are a lot more powerful than the standard EV6 model. With 585 horsepower, this is a pretty quick car though it was meant to compete with Teslas and might have a similar issue of a great 0-60 time but pretty slow quarter mile times because of the weight, aerodynamics, and mid to high ride height. Of course, the best judge of a car’s true “cool factor” has always been car people. So what do you think? Would you buy it?

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